Friday, December 10, 2010

My Christmas Wish

Every year at this time I get asked the question, 
what would I like for Christmas?
And every year it’s the same answer. I don’t really want anything
for Christmas. But this year for some reason I feel different. 
My want is not for something material, but more for something spiritual. There has been a change in the air recently.
Many have fallen on hard times by no fault of their own, but because of poor decisions made by politicians. 
These decisions have affected everyone of all demographics, rich or poor, and it seems like the country has started waking up
and taking notice.Personal responsibility seems to be on the rise. 
Fiscal responsibility seems to be front and center, and there has been a resurgence of pride and love for our country again. 
These are all great things, and they stem from our traditions of being a nation of strong willed people who ask only for the chance to shine. And this time of year we shine the brightest. 

We are the greatest nation in the world and the most generous, not only with our time but also with our wallets. We are a resilient bunch, a melting pot of people joined  together for one purpose.

And that purpose is to acquire our piece of the American dream.
So, my Christmas wish this year is that we all take a moment out of our busy lives and look around and see how truly blessed we are.
We should also remember this holiday season that we have been given the chance to have these lives we live because there of those who felt a desire to serve this great nation. Every day they protect those freedoms our fore fathers laid down for us.

The brave men and women of the military have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live our daily lives and pursue our dreams of raising our families and running our businesses. Many will be away from their families this Christmas, some will not see their children open Santa's presents for the first time, and many may not ever come home, paying the ultimate price for our freedom. 
Let us all take time out this holiday to thank a service member for there sacrifice and keep them in our prayers.

Let us try not to get to caught up in our daily lives and forget to stop to tell our spouses how much we love them.
Kiss your kids often and thank your friends for their support

  A hope I have this year for christmas is that I can teach my children to give more of themselves, to help others, to be thankful everyday for the blessings we so take for granted, and to teach them about the things that have made this country great. I want them to be aware of the sacrifices made by many for our precious freedoms. My hope is that our country gets back to the traditions of old, where honor meant something and we stood together as one in the United States of America. And to all the men and woman who serve and protect this country, my wish is that you hear our prayers and know that we all stand humbled by your bravery and commitment to your country. It has not gone unnoticed.

 God Bless You All and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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