Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Chains That Bind Us

Breaking The Chains That Bind Us

I decided to create this latest blog after a conversation I recently had with a young woman who asked me to help her out. After our conversation I felt very unsettled and disturbed. And so I asked myself what was keeping this very capable person from achieving her goals. And then it hit me. It was the chains that bind us, the things we tell ourselves that keep us from fulfilling our destinies. We have all encountered some form of hardship or sadness or anger and disappointment. It can be very difficult moving forward in life not knowing what obstacles lie in wait and what the future holds for us.

I strongly believe there is one thing you can always count on and that is yourself. If you stay true to your heart  and close to your feelings then you can handle anything that comes your way. You see, the key to success is there for anyone to grab. The only question is, do you have the balls to reach out and take it?

You see, in society we are taught not to dream too big, and not to set your sights too high for fear that you might not achieve your goals. So, in turn, what happens? Nothing happens, that’s what. You see, we are taught to build these walls for ourselves and create these safety nets around us. We then insulate ourselves with people who think and feel the same way we do, so that we don’t notice our own inadequacies or strive for anything better for ourselves.

Well, let me tell you something I learned along the way. The only difference between those who succeed and those who don’t does not have so much to do with their status, wealth or depth of academia, but more to do with the fact that they were able to break free from those chains that bind us and allowed themselves the chance to dream. And when a person can dream then the sky is the limit.

The formula is quite simple. Are you ready? Here it is. Persistence and trained discipline. You see, you must have the persistence to keep moving forward.  For the game of life is constantly changing, and it is the trained discipline that will keep you focused on what it is your heart truly desires.  The last component, and most important, is that you must have the balls to jump, face it head on, and take risks. For if there is nothing ventured than there can be nothing gained. Dare to dream, dream big, make a plan for what it is you truly want for your life. Then work that plan... be persistent and most of all be disciplined and watch those chains fall down around you and the world open it’s doors to you.

The only question is are you ready to walk through that door?

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  1. Frank-- you are an inspirational writer and I feel so lucky that I get to see you and benefit from your thoughts/smarts/dedication every week. katy